The One-Stop-Shop in Global
Fashion Manufacturing


China Supreme Offers
One-stop Fashion Manufacturing


We are a service and product focused company of + 30,000 employees under the Nassa Group umbrella, with global offices providing a sophisticated supply chain of value and quality products. With a solid presence in HK, China and Asia, we are here to be your trusted partner without any boundaries.


Industry Expert

With over 30 years industry experience, we are committed to adding value to our customers with the best quality and finish. We are trusted with a wide range of clients from Zara to Sears & Kmart.


Fashion DNA

Global Design teams in the UK and Hong Kong shared with market intelligence teams, create a unique tailored made brand strategy to pursue market position and fashion trends.


Global Reach

As one of the largest international apparel and textile manufacturing conglomerates we are experts across all regions, think of us as your best business partner with no boundaries.


Vision & values

We believe in the responsibility of our industry to our customers, our people, our surrounding communities and our environment. We are dedicated to sustainability, accountability and excellence in everything we do. As a Group we are dedicated to the vital role of generating further employment, to reduce our environmental consumption by 50%, to invest in the agricultural development of rural communities and the protection of our natural environment. We are passionate about achieving socio-economic growth and change through intelligent business practice.




Research & Development

We employ a team of experienced and creative fashion designers who always have their finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s trends. Our talented, vibrant designers scour the apparel industry from catwalk to street trends to translate each client’s vision into a product that will meet market expectations and business cost-efficiency parameters alike. Operating from our UK showroom, design centre and sample house we work closely with the client throughout the product life cycle to develop the spec from initial concept to approved sample stage


Design & Production

Our ready-made garment production capacity delivers more than 6.4 million units to market every month. Our clients enjoy our end-to-end manufacturing services that cover every aspect of garment production from textile production to manufacture, washing, finishing, quality control, clearance and shipping. This wholly owned infrastructure equips us to deliver new products to market via a fast, competitive and seamless supply chain that others who outsource cannot offer.


Sourcing, Textiles & Trims

China Supreme have developed a unique one-stop shop sourcing capability for fabrics and trims, with an infrastructure enabling us to find the best value to each individual product maintaining the highest standard of quality and consistently meeting any buyer’s requirements. We are equipping to deliver end-to-end textile manufacturing for clients worldwide, we output a range of polar fleece, knitted, dyed and printed fabrics and specialise in high quality Indigo Denim production. produced via computer controlled Swiss, German, French machines that deliver the cutting edge technology and uncompromising standards demanded by the US and European markets.

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Operations Support

At China Supreme we provide end-to-end supply and shipment solutions for your apparel brand. Offering high quality polythene and other packaging materials ready for finished garment shipment is just part of the comprehensive solution we can supply for brands seeking superior, responsive yet cost-effective services into the global fashion industry. We can do it all from full finishing and shipping services, to labelling, packaging and in-house transport and clearance services for global apparel brands and fashion labels.